Exercise: Grab a person or object! (5:00 min)

💙 Exercise: Try it out!

It's your turn: try out Canva Magic Grab!

1. Go to https://www.canva.com  and open a new or your existing presentation.
Note: This feature isn't available in Canva Docs).
2. Upload a photo of your choice. If you like, you can also create an AI photo using Magic
     Media. (Note: Magic Grab works better when there's only one clear subject in the picture
     that you want to grab and change. It also always grabs the
subject (foreground) of the
     photo, and if no foreground is detected, you'll get an error).

3. Add your photo to your presentation.
4. Click on the photo and select 'Edit Photo' from the bar at the top.
5. The 'Magic Studio' will open on the left and you can now select 'Magic Grab'.
6. Magic Grab always grabs the subject.
7. Wait for your photo to be processed.
8. Then drag the subject of your photo to the perfect place, resize it or edit it to your
    liking, regardless of the photo's background.