Exercise: Generate your own picture! (5:00 min)

💙Exercise: Try it out!

It's your turn: Try out Magic Media!

1. Go to https://www.canva.com and open your presentation (in my example dolphin).
2. Now click on “Apps” in the bar on the far left.
3. Enter “Magic Media” in the “Search Canva Apps” search bar.
4. Click the “Magic Media” icon.
5. In the “Text to image” field, write a short but detailed description of the image you
     would like to use.
6. Wait for the magic — 4 images will be generated for you.
7. Now select all the images you like and add them to your presentation.
8. The Pro Education account allows you to generate 500 images per month. Try different
    descriptions for your images. You can also choose from 18 different “Styles”. How about
    “Neon”, "Watercolor” or “Anime”.....?
9. Enjoy!