Exercise: Presentations and Magic edit (10:00 min)

💙 Exercise: Try it out!

It's your turn: try out Canva Magic presentations and Magic edit!

1. Open https://www.canva.com. Go to “presentations”.
2. Open “presentation 16:9
3. Think about a topic that you would like to present or introduce to your students, like in
     my example “dolphins”.
4. Write your prompt: “Create a .....presentation”.
5. Take a look at the suggestions and choose a presentation.
6. Now click on “Apply all … pages”.
7. On the left-hand side you can search for your topic under “Elements” and insert
  • Graphics
  • Photos
  • Videos
8. Check and revise your text generated by the AI. You can adjust the text with “Edit”,
    “Expand” or "Summarize”.