When working with this tool, please keep in mind:

  • Don't include personal information, especially when uploading students' documents.
  • If the initial prompt doesn't yield the desired results, feel free to adjust it. Alternatively, you can use the same prompt again, knowing that the outcome will always be different.
  • Make sure your documents don’t exceed a file size of 10mb.
  • Always double-check the answers the AI chat gives you. You are the subject expert and you are the only one who knows your class. 

Here are some more prompts that you may find helpful:

  • Shorten this text to 500 words.
  • Simplify the language of this text to the level of an 8 year old.
  •  Write a summary of the text focusing on the effects of the famine on the economy.
  • Create 3 versions of this text. One focusing on economic effects, one focusing on humanitarian effects and one focusing on political effects.
  • Turn this document into a user manual like you would have for a kitchen appliance.
  • Create 3 handouts of different lengths based on this PDF.
  • Turn this document into a letter, written in the style of Jane Austen.