Exercise 1: Try it out

Now it's your turn! Let's practice working with the PDF Chat.

1. Open the fobizz AI PDF Chat.
2. Click 'Choose file' and upload this document that we prepared for you:
Harrison Bergeron.pdf
Harrison Bergeron.pdf

3. Tell the AI to 'generate a 250 word summary of the text'.
4. Ask the AI to 'come up with 4 multiple choice questions based on the text. Provide the correct answers and highlight them in bold'.

Want to refresh your memory? Check out the tips section of this workshop!

Bonus: What to do next?
Do you want to continue working with this tool? 
Here is an idea:
  • Change the style of the text by asking the AI to 'write it in the style of Shakespeare'.
  • Get a lesson plan based on the text.