Exercise 2: Apply it to your own work

That was fun! You've just learned the basics about the AI Image Generator. Now it's time to apply it to your own work. 

  1. Take a minute and think about a relevant use case in your everyday work. For example to start a discussion or to support a text.
  2. Write a prompt to get the image you have in mind. The structure at the bottom of this page can help you. 
  3. Try 3 different styles and 2 different providers. 
  4. Copy your favourite result and insert it in another document.

Hint: If you are not sure how to tell the Image Generator what you want, try this structure:

1. Medium: (e.g. studio photography of, photograph of, cinematic shot of, film still of, digital painting of, character art of...),

2. Object (e.g. character, figure, building, item…),

3. Additional information about the object (e.g. wearing rags, dirty hair, sad expression…) 

4. Scene (e.g., in a city in the year 2020, in the streets of London during the industrial revolution…),

5. Attributes/Modulators (e.g. eerie, black and white photography, retro, noir style, nostalgic, sepia colors…)