What is this course about?

In this short course you will learn how to use the fobizz AI Image Generator that can assist you in various everyday situations.

⏱ It is a short course and only takes about 15-30 minutes.

💡 Here are some tips:
  • Pause the videos whenever you want! If it's going too fast or you want to catch up on something, just press pause. You can adjust the speed of the videos using the small settings wheel (bottom right of the video).
  • This course includes short exercises. I recommend that you do these so you can immediately apply what you have learned.
  • You can complete the course in one go or stop at any time and continue later. You can always see your current progress.
  • Click the "Finish and Continue" button at the top of the bar to mark the lesson as completed. This is important to keep track of your current progress.
  • When you reach 100% progress, you will be able to download your Certificate for this course. 🎉