When working with this tool, please keep in mind:

  • Precision in scope and sample results leads to more accurate outcomes. The more specific and detailed you are in providing the assignment's scope or sample solution, the more precise the grading assistant's suggestions will be.
  • Never use students' names or personal information when using the grading assistant. You can create your own abbreviations or codes to ensure privacy or let the AI suggest appropriate alternatives.
  • Remember that all the results provided by the grading assistant are suggestions and should not replace your professional assessment. Use them as a helpful tool to enhance your grading process, but rely on your expertise and judgment for the final evaluation.

Here are some additional helpful tips:
  • You can use the AI Chat to get inspiration for scope and sample solutions.
  • Incorporate the grading assistant at various stages of your grading process:
  1. before assigning the task to your students, use the assistant to review and refine your wording, as well as to gauge the scope of the assignment. You can either let the AI Chat generate a solution or upload your own sample answer.
  2. before you start your grading process to get an idea of the most common mistakes or difficulties or just to get those spelling errors out of the way.
  3. after you’ve graded the assessments to ensure you haven't overlooked any errors or to verify that you have applied consistent evaluation criteria across all tests.
  4. after you’ve graded the assessment to get an overview of what the students found easy or difficult so you can get valuable feedback for future classes.